Skills for Employment


Nobody can do it alone! New Wave Skills is an online platform that help to skill pupils for employment in partnership with schools, employers, career advisors, recruitment agencies and the government. 

New Wave Skills eco-system



Access to a secure online portal to create their profile with the ability to select interests, skills and qualities that closely represents themselves.


Log in and supervise, guide and support their child throughout their lifetime on Skills.


Access to students' profiles and ability to interact and guide them in how to improve their skills via live Webinars or in-person.


Ability to influence which skills set the students get exposed to and ability to prepare students for interviews and job placement opportunities. 


Provide skills building high quality content to pupils and recruit them for open-days, placement into the university.


Ability to push white-labeled content to targeted pupils in need.

Career Advisors

Understand and guide students through their skills progress towards employability. 

Recruitment Agencies

Increase their talent pool by providing high quality content that skills up pupils towards skills that employers seek nowadays.

Learner Experience

Pupils use New Wave Skills to select skills, interests, qualities and career aspirations that most reflect themselves. Pupils use their smartphones, tablets and computers to consume the high quality digital media content, and New Wave Skills plot insightful Dashboards with the pupils' digital history for guidance and decision making towards employability. 


The broad experience of the partners around New Wave Skills is the secret for the success in skilling pupils for employment. Employers, recruitment agencies, apprenticeship providers, career advisors, universities and the government form a strong eco-system.

Sponsorship Plans

Become a sponsor and help to fund the program for pupils in need. Funding five pupils for a month or a thousand pupils for an year are equally appreciated. Your sponsorship will make the difference in a child's life.  

500 Pupils


1,000 pupils


3,000 pupils


10,000 pupils


Sponsorship Benefits

  • Help to skill up and gain access to a pipeline of young and talented pupils ready for employment
  • Ability to influence the skills required for the future workforce
  • Presence on New Wave Skills web site and marketing campaigns
  • Fullfil your Corporate Social Responsibility

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