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New Wave Scheduler is a best of breed solution for managing meeting rooms and hotdesk availability on your smartphone and any other device.

Room & desk scheduling

View attendees, resources and meeting rooms on a timeline. Visualise conflicts to better compromise or reschedule. Intelligent scheduling AI finds the best times for your meeting.

Workspace Occupancy

Find the most suitable seats available, see where colleagues are located and check-in and check-out with ease.

Reporting Analytics

View room and hotdesk utilisation cost by cost-centre, track faulty resources and monitor room occupancy and no shows. Save on wasted resources and plan for efficiency.

Conference Scheduling

Automated Conference Scheduling workflow that allows conference organisers, coordinators, facilitators and operations personnel to easily schedule, manage and deliver conferences.

Cross Platform

A 100% cloud-based solution that works with all standard tablets, smartphones and computers. No more installing software or buying expensive server hardware.


Fully multilingual, supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Chinese, Japanese and many other languages.

Meeting Room Scheduling

Booking is easy with New Wave Scheduler. Login, pick the people, resources and room requirements and let our artificial intelligent assistant pick the best time slot for your meeting. Or book a free room direct from the smartphone or Tablet App.

Smartphone and Tablet App

Book a free room or desk directly from the smartphone or Tablet App.

Floor Plan Interface

Combine New Wave Scheduler 3D or 2D Floor Plan with a touch screen to maximize the value of Scheduler. Easily see which meeting rooms and hot-desks are available and tap-to-book the workspace required.  *Totem sold separately.
Floor Plan Booking


New Wave Scheduler can be integrated with several industry standard solutions.

Take your room and hot desk scheduling to the next level


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