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The Online British School acts as the gold standard for blended learning worldwide. Providing first-class education from Early Years, GCSE, A Levels, through to University entry. Led by a team of award-winning British educators from New Wave Learn, we offer students and their parents access to the best tutors and learning content available online.


Our approach is simple. Only the best will do!
Our team is purposely small. We only recruit experienced educators who have proven track records of excellence. Our learning content is built on strict quality indicators taken from classroom research. Using evidence-based pedagogical approaches for successful online delivery of blended learning.


FREE modules in each course are encouraged to provide value for those users who can not afford the course.


Extensive library of quality learning resources to support parents and sutdents to make learning gains. 


Library of short High Quality videos to supplement learning.  


Access to tutors and peers 24/7 to support learning around the clock. Access available  via live web conference or community chat.

High Quality Content

New Wave Learn programme director is responsible to curating all rich media content for its technical and academic quality. Only the Best of British Education content is approved and made available to users.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Leverage years of experience and credibility of Early Years Foundation Stage  experts.


Get ready to attain the best possible GCSE results by learning from GCSE subject matter experts.

A Levels

Get assistance in preparing for your A Levels from the best tutors in the market.

English as Second Language

Mature, practice and learn English as a second language faster than ever.

Universities & College Admission

Admission into popular universities and colleges require expertise in the application process. Leverage the experts to maximise your chances.


Cambridge is in reach for anyone who does their homework and leverage the expertise of tutors available on New Wave Learn.


Understand the intrincacies of applying and getting accepted at Oxford.



  • Brief and honest content description
  • Clear content objectives
  • Credible and complete tutor profile
  • High quality tutor photo
  • At least 5 lectures, videos
  • All lectures add up to a minimum of 15 minutes
  • Valuable educational content
  • High definition videos
  • Hyper clear voice quality
  • Crystal clear images
  • Well written text
  • Assessment
  • Web conference access to tutor 

Trust & Safety

  • Do not SPAM
  • Keep it professional
  • Report anything that makes you uncomfortable
  • Code of Conduct cleared tutors
  • Zero tolerance policy
  • Always recorded

Content Developer Network

Content Developer Network is a framework to onboard new content creators and tutors to New Wave Learn.  Benefits include:
  • Freedom to teach
  • Support with professional studio recording techniques
  • Expert content curator advice
  • Record once, monitise often

Also available as Platform as a Service

New Wave Learn is also available as a Platform as a Service model to allow you to white-label and leverage years of experience to build, distribute and monitise your content under your own branding.


Our digital content subject matter experts will help your company to leverage your existing content into high quality digital content and provide strategic advise in how to launch your online school.


A right distribution model is the key to success. Our team will present all possible models, and agree on a model that best suits your needs.


With our ecommerce ability to collect payments on PayPal or via Credit Card, your content will be monitised without you having to worry about the technology behind it.


With our dashboard, you can understand exactly how your content is being consumed and by who, when. Financial analytics and other reports are also available.

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